Daedalus releases a new version of its proofreader Stilus to check in Word hundreds of thousands of errors safely and in just one click

The company Daedalus has released a new version of Stilus, its tool to check spelling, grammar and style in Spanish. Innovations include Stilus Macro for Word, a new add-in that enables to correct hundreds of thousands of context-independent errors just by clicking a button. Stilus Macro carries out the bulk of your proofreading in just one click, at maximum speed and with total control.

Daedalus, a Spanish company specialized in software for data analysis, has released a new version of Stilus, their popular tool for the proofreading of texts in Spanish. Stilus applies natural language processing and semantic technologies to facilitate the tasks of correcting not only spelling and grammar, but also orthotypography and style.

The main innovation of this new version is Stilus Macro for Word, a new add-in for Microsoft's popular text processing tool that corrects hundreds of thousands of "safe" spelling errors, i.e. independent of the context in which they appear. Thanks to an intelligent language processing, the new add-in contrasts on the text almost 200 000 error patterns at high speed and applies the corresponding substitutions by simply pressing a button.

While the mandatory corrections are replaced directly on the text, the recommended ones are inserted as a comment and properly supported by references. In addition, all these interventions are performed activating Microsoft Word's Track Changes functionality, so that the user does not lose at any time the control of the correction process.

Thus, Stilus Macro for Word complements Stilus' advanced context-sensitive proofreading capabilities with a quick modality to correct thousands of unambiguous error patterns, optimizing the valuable time of proofreaders and authors. Additionally, it frees users from the effort to code and maintain this enormous amount of patterns for the correction of literal forms.

Stilus Macro also allows the user to add "personal" search and replace instructions to be applied on a priority basis in the process of automatic proofreading. This, together with its configuration options, enables to perform a completely personalized and quick first cleaning of the text. Stilus Macro for Word carries out the bulk of your proofreading in just one click, at maximum speed and with total control.

And by storing its thousands of replacement rules in the cloud, Stilus Macro compensates for the scalability limitations of Word itself (that restricts the number of macros that can be stored and executed for each button or action).

Other new features of this release of Stilus are a phonetic and phonological transcriber, which can present the result in different phonetic alphabets (IPA, RFE, SAMPA, SALA...), and a practical tool for calculating the budget of a proofreading/translation work by characters, words, pages, etc.

In addition to the tens of thousands of users worldwide, the technology of Daedalus has been applied successfully in the corporate field: companies such as Grupo Prisa, Unidad Editorial, Vocento, the Instituto Cervantes or Telefónica use it to write, edit and classify news or for advanced tasks of multimedia information search and retrieval.

"The "macro editing" philosophy has been applied successfully in the field of professional proofreading for quite some time now. This technique is actually beneficial in terms of precision, consistency and productivity, but was relegated only to professionals who had a certain computing expertise. The new add-in of our spellchecker, Stilus Macro for Word, makes this way of proofreading in Spanish more accessible." Concepción Polo, head of the Linguistics department at Daedalus
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