Released a new version of Stilus: semantic technology for automatic proofreading

The Spanish company Daedalus has released a new version of Stilus, a tool for multilingual proofreading that applies semantic technologies and operates in the cloud to facilitate the task of spelling, grammar and style checking.

Daedalus, a Spanish company specialized in software for data analysis, has released a new version of Stilus, its multilingual tool for proofreading. Stilus applies semantic and natural language processing technologies to facilitate the tasks of not only spelling and grammar text correction, but also typographic and style revision.

These technologies allow Stilus to perform advanced text revision based on the linguistic context. The syntactic and semantic disambiguation enable the detection of errors that often go unnoticed by other automatic proofreaders –usually based on superficial analysis techniques-, while minimizing the number of false warnings.

The new version of Stilus is provided in "software as a service" (SaaS) mode, using the Deadalus’ linguistic resources and processing deployed in the cloud and a user interface available as a web application and integrated in the most common text editors.

Stilus has a number of distinctive features that allow it to stand out against other proofreading tools:

  • It is provided as a service in the cloud, accessible via web interface or integrated into Microsoft Word.
  • Multilanguage: proofreading and user interface are available in English, Spanish, French and Italian.
  • It suggests changes and justifies them using educational explanations and references.
  • Permanently updated, e.g. when proofreading in Spanish, Stilus applies the criteria of the new Orthography for the Spanish language, which was published by the Spanish Royal Academy of language.
  • It allows revision according to different language variants and domains (e.g. Latin American Spanish, British English, economics, technology…), It is also configurable by the user's interest.
  • Complementary linguistic tools: verb conjugator, morphosyntactic analyzer, reverse dictionary...

So far, the new version of Stilus has been in beta with thousands of users worldwide working in four languages.

Daedalus’ semantic technology has been applied successfully in the corporate world: companies like the Prisa group, Unidad Editorial, Vocento or Instituto Cervantes use it to write, edit and classify news, or for advanced multimedia information retrieval tasks.

With Stilus, Daedalus addresses the language professional (authors, translators, publishers, teachers) and consumer markets.

"Stilus is a new concept of proofreader. The incorporation of language technologies allow you to perform error detection both more accurate and wider, in areas such as style and typography. Moreover, its cloud-based architecture combines the continuous updating of its functionality with a simple and standard user interaction, We are delighted to bring these technologies to a broader audience of authors, editors, translators and teachers, which will improve the quality and efficiency of their work." José Carlos González, managing director of Daedalus
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